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I am not an ad agency.
I am not a social
media agency.


I am Jess gleim - 

your strategic partner.

I help women make more money selling their products and services online. 

Here's the full story ...

I've never worked in corporate America. I've never worked for "the man". I use to think that was a professional flaw, but it's ended up serving me well. I truly know that unless you have billions in your business budget, it's every single dollar that matters. Every penny you put into marketing your business has to come back to you with a profit at the end of the day. Trying to figure this out, how to do it, and how to make money can be freaking hard. That's where I come in. 


Most agencies talk a big game and promise you results. I've heard time and time (and time) again this "agency trauma". You've tried working with an agency or consultant (most likely a few) that mansplain your business to you. They promise the moon. But then you don't know your ROI or your KPIs clearly (and some other things suck too) and you're thinking if "If I could figure this out internally, I could make this work and make more money."

Again, this is my JAM. I help you figure out how to make more money in your business. I want MORE money in YOUR hands. When women make money, everyone in the economy makes money and succeeds. And on top of that, as the business owner, you know what you deliver better than anybody. You know what you do, and I know what I do - so let's make you more money.

"In a world that actively works to keep us playing small, it is an act of protest to be stable, content, and powerful."

Tori dunlap, Financial Feminist

Here's how we can work together

I help you figure out how to find new customers and clients. I help you figure out how to get more people to buy from you, and more often. We figure out how people come into your business and what you need to do to hold their hang until they buy from you. Sometimes we help this process along, with paid media ads (think Instagram or Pinterest). But all of the time, we start with the strategy of your funnel and customer journey. We figure out how to find more of your people. And then we test, and we learn. We fail fast when necessary until we take off like a rocket ship. With the end goal of landing you new paying customers and clients in a way that is actually PROFITABLE to your bottom line. 

1:1 Brainstorming Calls

Strategy and Creative Consulting

You've got questions. And I most likely will have an answer for you. You need to sit and share everything - what hasn't worked, what you've tried, where you have failed, and where you have succeeded. And what do you do next? Where do we go from here? 

This is basically a "consulting hour". Ask me anything, and I'll help you sort through it, organize it, and help you come up with what to work on next on your road to more revenue. 

$450/per hour 

We're going to Zoom for 60min. 

I'm in MST. 


You've got a kickass team. You have a kickass product or service, that your customers and clients LOVE. And you want to find more of them. 

Let's do it! Together, we're going to figure out your exact ends goals. Do you want more leads? More sale? More clients? And then we're going to figure out how to make that happen, by figuring out each step of getting to that goal. Remember, you can't ask someone to marry you while out on the first date. It takes a hot second for people to make a commitment.


And the most important part of this process right now is your creative ! How are you capturing people's attention to stop them from scrolling? What videos and images are you sharing to tell the world your story? Do people get it within seconds? We're also going to help you with this.


This is a monthly ongoing service, that starts at $2,750 per month.  

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