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I'm not a social media agency or an ad agency.

I'm Jess Gleim.

your Digital Marketing Strategist & Cheerleader.

I'm Fuel for Your Business,
with a touch of glitter.

Jess is my name and revenue is my game.


Hi! I'm Jess Gleim (rhymes with slime), a digital marketing strategist and mom, with a mission that sets my soul on fire. My passion is to empower you - a business owner - to thrive by making more money and living your dreams. When women succeed and prosper, everyone in the economy flourishes.

Profits that Propel You to Greatness

I'm not only going to cheer for you, I'm here to help you succeed. 

As a firm believer in the power of women entrepreneurs, I'm dedicated to transforming your business into a profit-generating powerhouse. 


What I Do
Your Growth

My superpower as a digital marketing strategist is crafting tailor-made marketing strategies that align with YOUR MAGIC - your vision, your goals, and your brand. From messaging, funnel optimization, and customer journey mapping, I've got the keys to unlock your business's full potential (BTW it's all in your data!). We'll grow, test, and learn together.


How I Work
Data-Driven Magic

No cookie-cutter solutions here! I dive deep into your data (which is your most valuable currency, and best asset for making smart decisions), decode your audience's behavior, and concoct personalized strategies that speak to their hearts and wallets. With a dash of paid media wizardry, we'll make your brand shine like the supernova she is.

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My Promise
 Propel Your Business to the Stars

Truly your success is my success. My focus is 100% on helping you create revenue through effective marketing priorities. I won't rest until your bottom line is booming. Together, we'll navigate your next steps, transforming your business into a money-making machine that thrives, soars, and builds sustainable revenue and happy customers.

"In a world that actively works to keep us playing small, it is an act of protest to be stable, content, and powerful."

Tori Dunlap, The Financial Feminist
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