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Life-Hacks for Busy Women: The Untapped Power of Whiteboards

If you're anything like me, and you're juggling a million and one things, and feeling overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do list - you're not alone. Today, I'm sharing a life-hacking tip that I swear by: the power of whiteboards.

Why Whiteboards Are My Secret Weapon

There's something immensely satisfying about writing down tasks and crossing them off. If you're like me, someone who needs to see their responsibilities laid out in front of them, then whiteboards are a godsend.

For the Family

One whiteboard is solely dedicated to family matters. It lists to-dos, upcoming bills, plans for the week, and even the little tasks I can't forget as a mom/business owner/CEO of my household. This essential board is literally Velcro-taped right to a cabinet door in my kitchen.

For Each Child

For those of you who are juggling motherhood alongside your business, a dedicated board for each child can work wonders. It can include clothing needs, school events, and prep for the week. Like my family board, these are also affixed to kitchen cabinet doors.

For Personal Peace

Lastly, a small board sits on my nightstand. Whenever something pops into my head before sleep or in the middle of the night, jotting it down helps me relax and sleep better.

Aesthetics vs. Efficiency

Let's be real; a kitchen full of whiteboards isn't the most Instagrammable scene. But at the end of the day, what truly matters is clearing your head of worries and tasks. The real joy comes when you GET THINGS DONE, and the satisfaction you feel is Instagram-worthy in its own right.

Why It Works

  1. Constant Visibility: The tasks are always in front of you, reminding you of what needs to be done.

  2. Psychological Relief: Writing tasks down can liberate your mind, giving you mental clarity.

  3. The Joy of Crossing Off: Completing tasks and physically crossing them off offers a sense of accomplishment.

Your Action Plan

If you don't already have a whiteboard, invest in one (or several). Start with one area of your life—be it business, family, or personal growth—and jot down all the to-dos. Position the board where you'll see it most frequently, and start the satisfying journey of crossing off completed tasks (isn't that one of the BEST feelings?!)

OK, let's wrap this up.

Ladies, it feels like we constantly have to keep working on our productivity game in order to have any control over our overflowing life "buckets" - and these silly, simple whiteboards have helped me tremendously. Trust me, this low-tech solution might just be the answer to your high-stress life. Give them a try! And let me know what you think.

TTFN! And happy organizing!

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