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Shit You Need to Know, and How You're Going to Do It: Thursday, November 30, 2023 Edition

Here's the Shit You Need to Know ...

Do you want to make big money in your business in 2024? I know you do. Here's the deal ... the first step to making more money in your business is understanding that there are 4 types of customers or clients that you need. And this is for ANYONE selling ANYTHING on the internet.

Let's rewind. Last week was invited to do a mini training over on my friend Anna Bee's Facebook Group: Creative Mama Community. Side note: do you know that I LOVE a Facebook group? I do, I do. I community, I love people. Anyhoo - Anna and I met via the Internet - and she created this great community for moms who are building their own businesses. You know how it can feel so isolating at times, so Anna's created this space. ❤️

Anna invited me to host her Monday mini-training sessions that she offers to different experts, so I chose my bread-and-butter topic - STRATEGY. My dream is for you to make all the money and have all the success you want with your business. And in order to do that - I need you know understand something - making long-term, sustainable revenue is MORE THAN JUST GETTING NEW CUSTOMERS. It all starts with customer strategy.

When we think about selling - we tend to only focus on how to get new customers. We've got this idea or product or service, and we just think in this linear fashion. I need to go find the people - go tell them about what I sell - and they'll buy - and that's it. Lemme me tell you, that's not how it works.

If you want real growth. If you want sustainable revenue. If you want to make the money you dream of - you actually need four types of customers. And understanding this concept is the very beginning of building out your badass, effective marketing strategy.

Here's How You're Going to Implement This for Yourself ...

Ready to start to figure this concept and strategy out for yourself? Good!

I made you a little video training. I did a re-cap of the exact video I did last week in Anna Bee's amazing Facebook group.

This is your start.

And next week, I'm going to come back and tell you about allll of the ways you can reach these types of customers, and really start to build out your revenue-building marketing strategy.

OK go watch this bad boy. It'll take you about 12 minutes. Take notes.

How I Thrive (and get it all done!)... a Life-Hacking Tip from Me to You🫶🏻

External Communication.

I always thought I just talked a lot. My entire childhood I was teased about how much I talked. I also got in trouble for talking too much in class and for the "volume" of my voice 🤣. I'm loud. So used to feel self-conscious about talking too much. But it's always just been IN ME, to talk.

Well, guess what? IT'S OK. I'm 100% normal. I've learned that I'm an external processor. I NEED to talk to process everything in my brain. Have you ever just needed someone to listen to you? They don't need to answer anything or fix anything, you just need a trusted ear to listen to you and once you're done getting it all out of your head, you've figured it out for yourself. Same girl, same. I FEEL YOU.

Ever since I learned this about myself (a few years ago) and stopped feeling bad about talking so much. AND ever since the app Marco Polo was invented - it's been a game changer for my mental health. I feel so much less anxiety when I can get it all out of my head. And knowing who the right person to talk to is, about all of the various things in my life: my own business, client strategy, allllllllll of my millions of feelings, things in my personal life and parenting, etc etc etc helps you navigate all of those things. I pretty much do all of my talking via Maro Polo. God Bless it, that app is 100% my number one most used and life-changing piece of technology.

If you feel like you have thoughts or feelings or half-finished ideas floating around in your head - talk it out. Find the right person. Get it out of your head and heart, put it out into the Universe. I swear you'll figure it all out, and everything will feel so much better.

External communication is such a simple, silly concept but I swear - understanding it, accepting it, and figuring out how to implement it for myself has helped me feel calmer, more confident, and centered in every way.

Badass Women, Doing Awesome Things

Calling All My Bookish Peeps! This one is for you!

I will never get enough of these two: Alix and Kelly, the founders of the freaking badass amazing business LitJoy Crate. They were previously a client of mine for many years while I was running my ad agency. I FREAKING LOVE THEM AND WHAT THEY HAVE CREATED. They're two of the most brilliant and innovative minds I've ever worked with - and they have started a podcast! If you love to read (like you love Sarah J. Mass, Jay Kristoff, Holly Black, Cassandra Claire etc etc etc) - give it a listen. If you want to hear more about the history and background of building their freaking RAD bookish brand, they also have a two-part episode ALL about it. It's so freaking fascinating. I so hope that you enjoy this duo as much as I do. Find all the episodes and the full show right here.

Ok, my loves. I'll see you next week. Hugs and kisses.

💖 Jess

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