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What is a Funnel in Marketing?

That's a great question, I'd love to tell you the answer.

I recently asked my IG audience what they wanted to know about top-of-funnel marketing and the most popular response I received was ...

I don't even know what a funnel is?

So I made a quick little video (less than 12 minutes!) to explain further the best way to think about your funnel!

Your marketing funnel is the foundation to your marketing strategy.

One of the most common issue I see with business owners is that they want everythiung to be linear, and when they think about marketing their product or service they want to be able to just put our a Reels or a website, and then they expect people to come buy. But it's not that simple or easy.

Gone are the days of being a women-owned business or an ecommerce brand a novelty. There are so many options for everything now-a-days, and people need to be woo'd if you want them to buy from you.

You need to date your potential customers.

I think the best way to think about your marketing funnel is to compare it to online dating. If your end goal is to get married, you have to go out into the world and date a lot of people. So step one, where are you going to find people to date? You're going to get on a dating app, but which one? The one that has the "right people" for you based on your values, personality, etc etc etc. It's the same step one in your marketing funnel, you need to go find your audience where they're spending their time. Examples: social media, Google search etc.

And then you need to introduce yourself and start swiping right or left. Same with your funnel. Now you need to share your brand, and lot of people do that through content marketing, or their website. You, creating your online dating profile is how you want to show up to all of your potential sutors. It's the same thing for your visual brand, your website, etc.

Does that make sense? You have then to start chatting, go on a coffee date, go on a dinner date, become a couple, etc etc .... allllll before you propose and get married. It's the exact same concept for your customers. Gone are the days of just seeing an ad and then buying immediately. It takes somewhere around like 11 touches or so, before someone will make the decision to work with you, buy from you, etc. And it's YOUR job as the business owner to create all of those touch points.

And that is your funnel. You bring a lot of people into the top, like casting a wide net when fishing and then they funnel on down to become your customers, and your higu-value customers, long-term subscribers, fanatics, etc.

You get what I'm saying?

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